Vintage Bill O’Reilly! Shouts at Alan Colmes, calls him a liar (Video)

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alan-colmes-moronWhere the hell has this Bill O’Reilly been? Ever since 2008 when O’Reilly drank Barney Frank’s milkshake (err, wait, that doesn’t sound right), he’s been nothing but an apologist for Obama. He always stands up for Obama, and bad mouths conservatives who dare question him. But something was off with Bill O’Reilly at the start tonight. O’Reilly got into a shouting match with pitiful leftist and Obama sycophant Alan Colmes. O’Reilly also called Colmes a liar. Nice of you to finally wake up BillO after 5 years. What took you so long?

Colmes did what all leftists do. When they are actually confronted, they divert, distract, and whine.