Los Angeles voters FINALLY do something right – reject half cent sales tax hike with Measure A 55 percent tp 45%

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democrat-logoA broken clock is right twice a day. Los Angeles voters are right every once in a while. Last last was the Mayoral election which of course had two Democrats place one and two and head to a run off in May. But the big thing of the night for me was Measure A the half cent sales tax hike ‘for police and fire fighters.’ After this past November’s vote to hike taxes for schools, I was worried the leftists in L.A. would fall for this one too. Much to my pleasant surprise, Measure A failed, by a wide margin 55% to 45%.

145,049 voters voted against Measure A while 117,820 voted for the tax hike. Well done L.A. Has Measure A passed, the sales tax which is already highest in the country would have been jacked up from 9% to 9.5%.