Magpul to start producing ammo magazines outside Colorado within 30 days – thanks to Gov. John Hickenlooper, state Democrats gun grab bills

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barrelofgunBe proud people of Colorado! You’ve just lost jobs and money flowing into your state’s economy because of the crazy state Democrats and Gov. John Hickenlooper gun grab bills. Magpul has made it official, and will start proudicing ammo magazines outside Colorado within 30 days. The Gateway Pundit has more:

In February Magpul announced the Democratic legislation that banned high capacity magazines would force them to leave the state taking along several hundred jobs with them. Magpul warned they would leave the state “almost immediately” if the legislation passed. Duane Liptak, Director of Product Management and Marketing, said the company has received official invitations from elected officials and/or the economic development activities in over two dozen states since they announced their plans to leave Colorado. Liptak says, “We’ve talked to some states, visited some, and we’ve got a lot more to get to. Some of the initial round of states that we’re looking at are Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Montana, Idaho and Arizona but there are others in consideration.” Several more conservative states are hoping to lure the manufacturer to more friendly pastures.

Moving physical equipment and setting up products to run in new locations is an expensive venture. Lost opportunities due to disruption of production for the move could also be significant. Liptak says the company was getting ready to sign a lease on a new 125,000 square foot building for the headquarters in Colorado before Democrats introduced their legislation. So, the company held off on those plans. Magpul will now move forward with a new facility, just not in Colorado.

The move is already underway. Magpul chief operating officer Doug Smith told The Denver Post last week that the company will manufacture their first magazine outside the state of Colorado within thirty days. The company is moving some physical assets this month, but there are arrangements that need to be nailed down before Magpul can start moving major pieces of the operation.