Seven year old North Carolina boy Sam Grant charged with TWO felonies for possessing a BB gun

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square-large-looneyThe good news here is that Sam Grant, a 7 year old boy who was charged with TWO felonies because he dared posses a BB gun (which isn’t even a firearm) had had the charges against him dropped by the loony bins in North Carolina.

The parents of a then-seven-year-old North Carolina boy are beyond angry after their son was charged with two felony counts of possessing a BB gun. Just moments before the child was expected to answer to the allegations before a Catawba County judge — the charges were dropped.

Sam’s parents, Ray and Cherry Robbins told Fox News they are both relieved and angry over what happened to their son.
“They considered his BB gun a firearm,” Ray said. “”It’s not a firearm. It’s a BB gun.”
The trouble started last month when Sam was in the backyard of their rural home shooting his BB gun. His mother stepped inside to put dinner in the oven – telling the boy not to run off.
But Sam’s curiosity got the best of him — and he scampered out of the backyard – and fired his BB gun at an abandoned house across the street. In doing so, he accidentally hit a passing car.