Looney Melissa Harris Perry doubles down on her all your children are belong to us ad in blog post

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melissa-harris-perry-msnbcWhen you work for NBC like Melissa Harris Perry does, you don’t have to apologize for wacky statements. The network that employs Chris Matthews, Martin Bashir, Ed Schultz and Perry has no morals anyway, so why should their ‘talent.’ After Melissa Harris Perry declared that America needs to ‘break through the idea that Kids belong to their parents’ they belong to the ‘community,’ she’s now doubling down.

“I have no intention of apologizing for saying that our children, all of our children, are part of more than our households,” she wrote, “they are part of our communities and deserve to have the care, attention, resources, respect and opportunities of those communities.”

Again, she uses that socialism dog-whistle of ‘collectivism.’

I believe wholeheartedly, and without apology, that we have a collective responsibility to the children of our communities even if we did not conceive and bear them. Of course, parents can and should raise their children with their own values. But they should be able to do so in a community that provides safe places to play, quality food to eat, terrific schools to attend, and economic opportunities to support them. No individual household can do that alone. We have to build that world together.

Finally, Perry decided to go the ‘slave’ route.

We do live in a nation where slaveholders took the infants from the arms of my foremothers and sold them for their own profit. We do live in a nation where the government snatched American Indian children from their families and “re-educated” them by forbidding them to speak their language and practice their traditions.

Melissa Harris Perry has a daughter. So when do they take her away and ‘give them to the communities?’ Perry is also a ‘professor’ at Tulane University. Yet another example why today’s youth is so f*cked up.