Eric Holder’s Wife Co-Owns abortion clinic building with doctor under indictment for Medicaid fraud

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eric-holder1Eric Holder’s wife, Sharon Malone Holder co-owns a building in Atlanta that conducts abortions. Of course with the media ignoring Kermit Gosnell, and the latest revelation of Emily women’s health care in the Bronx telling those interested in getting abortions to just ‘flush’ a baby that gets born, the media will continue to ignore this. No one knows what the conditions were at Sharon Malone Holder’s abortion clinic was like. And no one knows if there was anything near the conditions or butchery in Holder’s abortion clinic like there is an Gosnell’s, but we do know one of the so called ‘abortion doctors’ is under indictment for Medicaid fraud. Sharon Holder is not under investigation for anything.

It’s clear the administration has motives to keep even “unsafe and illegal” abortion mills running for profit, by ignoring that there is no safe, and no constitutionally legal abortion, while a deafening silence falls on the victims and lies perpetrated by the pro-infanticide movement. Their hypocrisy with “civil rights” is clear and the silence on the death of millions of pre-born babies of every color (mostly black babies) and their mothers who are being butchered, scarred and maimed, proves they care nothing about civil rights or lives. They care merely for their pocketbooks, and for furthering their Marxist agenda, with roots deep into the desire for population control and eugenics.
God knows their motivations, and He hears the cries of the killed. Their blood cries out, and be assured, though most of those who value life feel helpless, remember His justice and wrath will pour out on those who shed the blood of the innocent.