Dick Harpootlian – I meant send Haley back to the dress store

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dick-harpootlianSouth Carolina Democrat Chair (or former) Dick Harpootlian is not only a racist, he’s a sexist too. At a Democrat fundraiser for Colbert-Busch, Dick Harpootlian said of Nikki Haley ‘Send her back wherever the hell she came from.’ Today, MSNBC let him try and spin his way out of his racist comments, and Harpootlian stepped in it again. Not only is Dickhead Harpootlian a racist, but he’s also a sexist too. On MSNBC he said he meant Nikki Haley should go back to working in a dress store or something.

Dick Harpootlian – send Haley back to the dress store

Usually the fat, obnoxious Dick Harpootlian is on Fox News making outrageous statements like this. I guess even they got tired of him, so he had to go on MSNBC where they would let him spin his racist smear.

The same applies here. If a Republican said on television that a female Democratic officeholder should go back to working at her parent’s dress shop, the national media would Akinize the Republican faster than you could say war on wimminses. And this matters for the same reason — more Republican women are running for office, and we can expect more snide remarks like this from Democratic leadership when they do, although it will probably take the form of diminishing the femininity of such candidates for espousing pro-life, pro-family policies.

As is typical for Democrats, including Colbert-Busch and Joe Biden who was at the fundraiser, not one has condemned Dick Harpootlian. It’s also as if his comments were never made. Maybe it was an imaginary Republican or something. You can bet your ass if Mark Sanford made these comments about a leftist Democrat Governor in South Carolina who has Sikh parents, but was born in America, it would be getting more attention than the three girls rescued in Ohio yesterday.