Holly Paz Director of IRS Tax-Exempt Determinations Office is Obama Donor

ObamaHolly Paz is the director of the Office of Rulings and Agreements, which oversees the determinations of tax-exempt organizations. Holly Paz’s department is This is where the determinations of the discrimination against conservatives, tea party, pro-life and pro-Israel groups are made. But there is some thing more interesting about Holly Paz than just her name. Turns out Ms. Paz is a big Obama donor too. According to National Review, Holly Paz donated $2,000 to Obama back in the 2008 election cycle. Here’s my shocked face :-O

Holly Paz Obama Donor Holly Paz Obama Donor

The House Oversight Committee is requesting that Holly Paz and four others be made available for transcribed interviews starting next week. Firing a ‘temp’ like Obama did today doesn’t solve anything. Miller was due to leave the IRS later this month or early June. People like this need to be thoroughly investigated. It’s no coincidence that Obama’s ‘political enemies’ were the only targets in this IRS corruption. No one else, no leftist groups experienced the same type of scrutiny and treatment. Also remember Obama a total of six states last year by a combined 600,000 or so votes. Imagine if these groups were able to conduct their business as they intended. The election could have looked a lot different.

An inspector general’s report released yesterday concluded that the IRS improperly targeted Tea Party and other conservative groups for undue scrutiny, and Paz heads the office in which the wrongdoing is said to have occurred. National Review Online reported earlier today that agency officials are currently copying the hard drives of every employee on Paz’s watch. That data will be made available to investigators working on a second IG investigation focusing on the potential criminal activity individual agency employees.

How long before Obama throws Holly Paz under the bus?

Earlier today Weeper Boehner tried to sound tough. He said people should go to jail over what has happened with the corruption at the IRS> I wonder if she will be a candidate. Of course we know Weeper Boehner will never follow through on his threat anyway.