Fox News’ William La Jeunesse & producer Mike Levine also spied on by DOJ

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obama-faceFox News reporter William La Jeunesse & producer Mike Levine join James Rosen as being spied on by the Obama/Eric Holder ‘Department of Justice.’ The new word that seems to be the favorite to describe the spying is ‘chilling.’ I don’t find it chilling. I find it downright corrupt, criminal and borderline treasonous. William La Jeunesse and Mike Levine were spied on over Fast and Furious.

Don’t expect the rest of the media to be outraged over this like they were over the AP spying.

Fox News reports that three Fox staffers, two reporters and one producer, were targeted by Barack Obama’s Justice Department. Fox doesn’t have all the details yet on reporter William La Jeunesse and producer Mike Levine, but their emails showed up in a IG report regarding Fast and Furious. Either their emails were leaked by the Justice Department officials they were sent to, or the email accounts of both were subpoenaed and invaded by government investigators.
The IG report does say that subpoenas were issued to obtain emails. Whose email was targeted is not yet known.
The third staffer is reporter James Rosen. The Washington Post’s story behind that is downright chilling. What we have here is a case of the Obama Administration criminalizing reporting.
In June of 2009, James Rosen of Fox News reported that North Korea might respond to an increase in United Nations sanctions with even more nuclear tests. Rosen added that the CIA had learned this information from their sources within North Korea.