KMOV fires Larry Conners after he criticized Obama and IRS

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cbsLarry Conners who was with KMOV and did one of the few hard hitting interviews with Obama last year has suddenly been fired. Conners was suspended last week by KMOV after he posted Facebook comments critical of the IRS and the scandal and being a target. KMOV is the CBS affiliate in St. Louis. KMOV actually released the following statement about Larry Conners being fired:

We regret to announce that Larry Conners is no longer a KMOV news reporter. Larry was a valued member of KMOV for a long time, and we will miss him.
For KMOV, there is no higher cause than unbiased, objective news reporting. It is what our viewers expect and it is what we work very hard to deliver. We can accept no less. Larry is certainly entitled to his opinion, but taking a personal political position on one of the Station’s Facebook pages creates an appearance of bias that is inconsistent with important journalistic standards. Larry’s departure has nothing to do with the particular position he took, but it does have to do with our belief that his actions made it impossible for him to report for KMOV on certain political matters going forward without at least an appearance of bias. Bringing you accurate and unbiased reporting is the reason we exist.

Seriously? KMOV fires Connors because he’s critical of a Democrat president and the IRS scandal swirling, and they preach ‘unbiased, objective news reporting?’ Obviously I must be in some sort of bizarre world now or something. I guess that’s what we’ve come to expect from CBS channels these days as they are so far up Obama’s ass, you their logo is stained in feces.

Dana Loesch, conservative radio host in St. Louis will have Larry Connors on her radio show tomorrow. Hopefully Connors will spill the beans.

Larry Conners was told by CBS KMOV that his Facebook post critical of the IRS “compromised credibility.”

What can we learn from Larry Conners firing by KMOV? Free speech doesn’t really exist anymore. Expose the IRS for targeting you? Get fired.