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doc-obama-this-is-gonna-hurtYea! European style socialized health care! Free health care for everybody right? Umm, wrong. Seems there’s yet another flaw (Or maybe it was intended to be this way) in ObamaCARE. Need surgery in 2014? Too bad. Help paying for your hospital stay? Tough. Need prenatal care? Tough shit. This is the type of ‘skinny’ health care coverage your employer will likely provide once ObamaCARE takes effect next year.

Would you like to have a “skinny” health insurance policy? Probably not. But if you’re employed by a large company, you may get one, thanks to ObamaCare.

That’s the conclusion of Wall Street Journal reporters Christopher Weaver and Anna Wilde Mathews, who report that insurance brokers are pitching and selling “low-benefit” policies across the country.

Wonder what a “skinny” or “low-benefit” insurance plan is? The terms may vary, but the basic idea is that policies would cover preventive care, a limited number of doctor visits and perhaps generic drugs. They wouldn’t cover things such as surgery, hospital stays or prenatal care.

That sounds similar to an auto-insurance policy that reimburses you when you change the oil but not when your car gets totaled.