Chris Christie calls for special election in October to fill Lautenberg’s seat

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fat_bastard-chris-christie-1Tub of lard Chris Christie does it again. Instead of appointing a Republican to fill Frank Lautenberg’s vacated Senate seat through Novemeber of next year, fat boy is calling for an early special election in October instead. I suppose that might be better than who Christie would have likley appointed to Lautenberg’s seat. If he would have picked a Republican (which I doubt) he likely would have selected Geraldo Rivera. I figured he’d likely just appoint Cory Booker anyway, who will probably end up winning the special election. Yet again, fat bastard screws over the country and tries to show an attitude. It’s time for lard ass Christie to just switch parties already and be done with it. The governor election for New Jersey is on November 5th, 2013. Really smart idea to waste money on an extra election just a couple weeks before the general governor election.

The best solulation for New Jersey would have been to appooint a replacement, and let them hold the seat until next year’s November election. Instead, Christie does what’s better for him politically and pulls this little game.

The “Christie brand” is, essentially, what the “Bloomberg brand” became in New York City over the course of the last decade: Nominally a Republican but, the better to succeed in a very blue jurisdiction, effectively an independent. (Bloomy eventually became an independent in name too.) The only “good” news in today’s decision is that he chose the course of action that maximizes his own chances of reelection. If you’re excited about a quasi-independent who’s been trending Democratic for the past year getting another term because he still calls himself a Republican, then congratulations, I guess. Also, and needless to say, holding two statewide elections two weeks apart when they could have been held on the same day will cost the state lots of extra money and administrative headaches. You’d think a “fiscal conservative” would pause at that thought but, via the Weekly Standard, here he is throwing his cares about that to the wind in the name of (of course) democracy. Evidently it would have been unconscionable to ask the good people of New Jersey to wait two extra weeks in electing their new senator. When it comes to protecting Christie’s own reelection, spare no expense.