Obama’s gang of liars – Schulman, Susan Rice, Eric Holder & James Clapper

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obama-laughingObama is king liar, the most corrupt president in American history. But his gang of liars mesh into his regime so perfectly, it’s almost like it the hacks in his regime such as Douglas Schulman, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, and James Clapper were hand picked by Iranian Valerie Jarrett. Let’s take a look at all the lies that Obama’s minions have spewed in recent weeks and months. Aside from Susan Rice who lied on five Sunday News shows, Holder, Schulman and Clapper lied under oath to Congress.

James Clapper lying to the Senate back in Marchhe said NSA does NOT collect any data on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?
Eric Holder lies under oath to Congress about targeting reporters

Douglas Schulman lies to Congress – claims IRS doesn’t target conservative groups
Susan Rice lies on five Sunday news shows about Benghazi

Susan Rice got a promotion to lead the spying at the NSA and the other three have seen no repercussions for their lying under oath to Congress. Welcome to Obamaville.