John Zawahri – Santa Monica College gunman had mental issues

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bushmaster_ar15_carbineJohn Zawahri has been reportedly identified as the gunman in the Santa Monica College shooting on Friday. John Zawahri killed five people, including himself, his father and brother. One person in the hospital is reportedly in dire condition and may end up dying for wounds. Earlier reports were that Chris Zawahri was the killer as the media was trying to hide the name of the shooter. Now it turns out that it was his brother John. Today, would have been John Zawahri’s birthday.

While it’s interesting that the media identified John Zawahri as a ‘white male’ when he’s obviously middle-eastern, it’s also interesting to note that John Zawahri had been in the hospital once before with mental health issues. John Zawahri was also angry over his parents divorce. John Zawahri killed himself, his brother Chris Zawahri and his father Samir Zawahri at their Santa Monica home.

It’s also been very odd how how long it took the media has not reported on the killer’s name. L.A> Times obviously knows the name of the killer John Zawahri to get his mental health history, but didn’t report it until now. Based on his first name, I’m going to assume he’s not a Muslim, but rather a Christian middle-eastern. Why the news blackout? Is it because John Zawahri didn’t turn out to be the ‘white male’ that the media originally reported on?

The killings by John Zawahri obviously have led to the media and leftists to start trumping their gun control debate. That’s been to focus of the media, rather than the fact Zawahri had a history of mental health issues. So basically, John Zawahri is a middle-eastern version of Adam Lanza. Not a Muslim not on a Jihad, just another nut job who decided to kill people because of his mental issues. Since Zawahri doesn’t fit the media’s description of the ‘white male’ like they originally tried to claim, he wouldn’t get nearly as much attention as Adam Lanza.