Peter King – Put Glenn Greenwald in jail – First Amendment not absolute

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rino-republicansRepublican Peter King doesn’t only want to throw Eric Snowden in jail, but journalists like Glenn Greenwald of the UK Guardian in jail too for daring to reveal the Obama NSA spying program. I used to like Peter King, but I have finally come to realize he’s nothing more than a New York version of John McCain. According to Peter King, the First Amendment of the Constitution isn’t ‘absolute.’ Funny how these neocons like Peter King weren’t as outraged when Obama leaked favorable information to the press to make himself look good. Peter King doesn’t seem to be outraged at the IRS targeting of conservatives, or Eric Holder targeting of AP reporters or James Rosen either (Who did nothing.) Peter King needs to go back to doing what he does best, hold his Muslim hearings. Glenn Greenwald responded to Peter King’s remarks on Fox News:

If these Neocons like Peter King are going to fawn outrage over the American people daring to know they are being spied on, he should at least be consistent. These Karl Rove Republicans are going to turn me into a Ron Paul fan one of these days.

Peter King wants to put Glenn Greenwald in jail – First Amendment not absolute

“Not only did [Greenwald] disclose this information, he said he has names of CIA agents and assets around the world and threatening to disclose that,” King said when asked by host Megyn Kelly why he wants to prosecute the reporter. “I think [prosecuting reporters] should be very targeted and very selective and a rare exception. In this case, when you have someone who discloses secrets like this and threatens to release more, yes, there has to be legal action taken against him.”

He then asserted: “This is a very unusual case with life-and-death implications for Americans.”

Life and death implications? Who the hell is put in a bad situation by revealing the government is spying on it’s people? Not the American people. The only one who is in a bad situation is the government itself because less people trust it. Spare me the dramtics neocon Peter King.