Leftist Nick Gates arrested for threatened kidnap, burn & murder Ted Cruz and father

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ted_cruzThe corrupt liberal media, and Democrats have gone into full smear mode ever since Ted Cruz was elected to the U.S. Senate last year. The left fears Ted Cruz like no other Republican in decades. Chris Matthews in particular has been ruthless. A leftist in Houston identified as Nick Gates was arrested for threatening to kidnap, burn, and murder Ted Cruz and his father unless he paid him $3 million. Nick Gates identified himself as Abolfazi Akbori, so he may be a Muslim convert. Abolfazi Akbori comes from Sheila Jackson Lee’s district in Houston and obviously was missed by Obama’s NSA spying. Calls were made to Cruz’s Austin and San Antonio offices. during the week of June 5th. Nick Gates or Muslim named Abolfazi Akbori said “Sen. Cruz owed him money or a bomb would explode.” Sounds like a terrorist to me. Great job NSA!

A Houston man is accused of threatening to kidnap, murder and burn U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and his father.

Federal authorities say Nick Gates, who also goes by the name Abolfanzi Akbori, faces a felony charge for making a terroristic threat.

Court documents state Gates left two threatening messages on the voicemails of Sen. Cruz’s San Antonio and Austin offices on June 5.

A senior staff member for the senator told authorities that Gates called Cruz’s San Antonio office during business hours on June 5. Gates spoke with an intern and allegedly told him that “Sen. Cruz owed him money or a bomb would explode.”

Cruz’s staff told authorities that Gates phoned again later that day after the office had closed and left a voicemail that he would “kidnap, murder and burn Ted Cruz and his father.”

According to court documents, FBI agents responded to the senator’s Austin office after a voicemail message was left that same afternoon around 2:50 p.m. Officials said the caller ID identified the caller as Abolfazi Akbori.

This is all on the left wing corrupt media for their smearing of Ted Cruz. Chris Matthews especially is lucky he doesn’t have blood on his hands and that this nutball was caught before he could do anything. The left wing media really has inspired left wing extremists and Muslim terrorists lately. They are on a roll!