The schmuck responsible for the Donald Trump hoax: @kolchak

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donald-trumpOk, we know why Zerlina Maxwell decided to delete her ‘retweet’ of the alleged Donald Trump tweet If Obamacare wasn’t enacted, James Gandolfini would still be with us. FACT. Some twitter schmuck who goes by the name of ‘The Night Stalker’ and uses the handle @kolchak made a fake retweet of what appeared to be from Trump:

Except, Donald Trump never tweeted this as @kolchak finally admits:

The Night Stalker or @kolchak describes himself on Twitter as Writer, actor, journalist, cotton candy vendor, night stalker and killer tomato.’ His name and handle is from the 1970’s tv show that has about 10,000 fans on Facebook. He is a also a whack job leftist if you check his Tumblr account. So yet another Obama licker can be thanked for this. Sadly, this is what passes as left-wing humor these days. Well this, and Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin’s down syndrome son a ‘retard.’ This is @kolchak ‘The Night Stalker’s’ Twitter avatar:

@kolchak the night stalker donald trump
Keyboard cowboy leftist: @kolchak

Time for leftists like Zerlina Maxwell to issue an apology to Donald Trump. Taking some unknown schmuck’s tweet and not even checking is pathetic for a so called ‘writer’ and media personality. No wonder she acted like a coward and deleted it today once it was revealed it was in fact fake. The one screen shot from yesterday was just as pathetic.