Watch: John McCain throws a tantrum on Senate floor over amnesty

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john-mccain-rinoHey John McCain. You’d better lay off those tantrums. It’s not good for the heart, especially at your advanced age and limited intellect. John McCain threw another tantrum on the Senate floor against those who refuse to support the RINO amnesty bill. McCain deemed the illegal aliens already in this country by breaking our laws to come her as the victims.

John McCain throws a tantrum on Senate floor over amnesty

Aww, poor illegals being exploited every day. Am I supposed to feel sorry for them or something? They came here illegally? What the f*ck is so difficult for idiots like McCain, Graham, Flake and Rubio to understand? John McCain is showing far more fight for amnesty then he ever did during his 2008 presidential campaign.


“We tried before and we failed. And, I won’t go into why we failed on all the people who were responsible. I’ll take responsibility. I didn’t do a good enough job in selling my colleagues on the absolute need for immigration reform. The facts are that 11 million people live in the shadows. And they live here in defacto amnesty and by God they are being exploited every single day.”

Time for ole Johnny Mac to ride off into the sunset already. And tell him to take his bloated daughter with him.