Harry Reid, Dean Heller put handout to Las Vegas casinos in amnesty bill

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dingy-harry-reidMore great news from the RINO amensty bill. Corrupt Nevada Senators Dingy Harry Reid and ‘Republican’ Dean Heller have slipped in a provision into the amnesty bill that is basically hand outs to Las Vegas casinos. It stems from the Travel Promotion Act of 2009. The bill back in 2009, a sort of stimulus gave the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury the ability to spend up to $100 million on promoting travel to specific areas of the country, including Vegas. The funding was supposed to go away by the end of the 2015 fiscal year. But Reid/Heller made one little change:

(22 U.S.C. 2131(d)(2)(B)) is amended by striking ‘‘For each of fiscal years 2012 through 2015,’’ and inserting ‘‘For each fiscal year after 2012.”

Stimulus to pimp Las Vegas casinos that was supposed to end in 2015 will go on indefinitly thanks to the Gang Rape of 8 amnesty bill.

When the Travel Promotion Act was passed in 2009, the Las Vegas Casino industry and the Las Vegas Strip officially thanked Reid for passing it. Among others, Bally’s Casino ran an advertisement on their electronic billboard on the Strip thanking Reid for its passage, a billboard Reid promoted on his website.
“The recently signed into law Travel Promotion Act is going to greatly benefit Nevada because we have so many wonderful tourist attractions,” a 2009 post from Reid’s website reads. “Senator Reid fought so hard to pass this bill because he knew that it would mean thousands of jobs for Nevada as foreign tourists flock to Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. Yesterday a number of hotels on the Las Vegas Strip showed Senator Reid their appreciation for his efforts on behalf of Nevada by thanking him in their marquees.”

The state of Nevada will never say another dime from me. I used to go to Las Vegas once or twice a year. No more. I’ve had it with Harry Reid and the rest of the corrupt bastards in that state.