CNN wonders if SCOTUS Anthony Kennedy ‘the first gay justice’

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cnn-logoCNN has ODed on the gay marriage kool-aid. Just because SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy voted in favor of gay marriage, basically making anyone who voted for Prop 8 vote not count. He’s not gay. Anthony Kennedy is libertarian, and I can respect that. I don’t always agree with his decisions, but he is right far more often than he isn’t. If anyone is the first ‘gay’ Justice, i’d place my money on Elena Kagan for that ‘honor.’ CNN sure wasn’t so in love with Anthony Kennedy last year when he voted against ObamaCARE, or this year with his vote on the voting rights act. How quickly these liberal media hypocrites flip-flop.

It was vintage Kennedy — a mix of sweeping rhetoric mixed with practical legal and social considerations.
“If Bill Clinton was ‘the first black president,’ Anthony Kennedy has now firmly secured his place in history as ‘the first gay justice,'” said Michael Dorf, a law professor at Cornell University and a former Kennedy law clerk. “Justice Kennedy makes clear that he not only accepts, but welcomes the task of writing majestic opinions affirming the dignity of gay persons and couples.”

Lay off the kool-aid CNN. Send the bitter fruit Don Lemon to some more gay bars. That will surely held you get ratings! Oh, and don’t edit out all of Alec Baldwin’s gay slurs when he goes on another Twitter tirade like you did this last one.