CNN shame on you signs in Egypt & protests in New York

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CNN Shame on you signs have popped up all over Egypt. I guess the Egyptians are finally learning what Americans have learned in recent years. CNN sucks and has a bias towards Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. Several Egyptian protesters were spotted carrying CNN Shame on you signs and even CNN in the Muslim Brotherhood logo. This proves that the average Egyptian protester is already smarter than an American progressive liberal Democrat.

CNN Shame on you signs in Cairo Egypt
CNN Shame on you signs in Cairo Egypt – Image credit Newsbusters

Here’s my favorite – CNN merged with the Muslim Brotherhood logo:

CNN Shame on you signs in Cairo Egypt
CNN logo merged with the Muslim Brotherhood logo – Image credit Newsbusters

Apparenrly, this CNN Shame on you started from this causes petition:

You should be ashamed of yourself. Your coverage of the revolution was totally biased in favor of the MB, just like your Government.

Egyptians get it, why are so many clueless Americans still unconvinced about CNN’s bias?

It’s gotten so bad for CNN in Egypt that according to Twitchy, CNN reporter Ben Wedeman can even go out and cover the protests against the Muslim Brotherhood:

If you do a search on Twitter for ‘CNN Shame on you Muslim Brotherhood’ you’ll get a good idea of the rage the Egyptians have now towards CNN. It’s almost like the left in America’s hatred of Fox News or something. You’ve really got to admire these Egyptian people though. Unlike Americans who let their government spy on their every move, waste our tax dollars, and ram through bills that we hate. The Egyptian people aren’t too distracted by a Kardashian to bother learning what’s really happening in their country.