CNN caught staging news segments with paid actors like Syria Danny

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communist-news-networkSyria Danny has been the main paid actor to try and sell the Syrian war to the American people. While Syria Danny has been shown the most in these media propaganda clips (recently on CNN), he’s not the only one. The media is in full propaganda mode to try and get Americans to get on board with attacking Syria and helping Al Qaeda. Polls have shown over and over again that Americans want no part of Syria, or helping Al Qaeda. Yet, because Valerie Jarrett, oops Obama wants to attack Syria, the media is on board with his warmongering. It’s gotten so bad that CCNN has been forced paid actors like ‘Syria Danny’ to try and drive home their point for an attack.

What is interesting here though is that the US, under this very Christian President, is using its media arm to run propaganda that helps the rebels, much as it moved for the ouster of Khaddafi and Mubarak.

Perhaps this is progressivism agitating for change and the fall of tyrants — yet another unthinking foreign policy move by rank amateurs we granted to power to reshape the world and perhaps permanently change the trajectory of world history.

Or perhaps it’s no accident — and the latter anti-western movement is actually a goal and not just a happy coincidence of their incompetence.

After all, the world hasn’t really had many Dark Ages of late. And that’s just, you know, racist.