Weeper Boehner to retire before 2014 elections?

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crybaby-boehnerCould it be? Could to old, mentally unstable drunk John Boehner finally be retiring in 2014? That’s the rumor going around with former Boehner aides and other high-level GOP operatives. If this is true, it would be great news to conservatives who view Boehner as the absolute worst Speaker of the House in American history. Boehner’s constant caving to Obama has been frustrating to say the lease. Now, if that other slug Majority Leader Eric Cantor is even thinking about the Speaker-ship should Boehner finally go off to scotch heaven, he’d better think twice.

All summer, rumors have been swirling around the Hill and K Street that the speaker has had enough and that 2014 would be his last year with the gavel. Then the message went out in July: Boehner (R-Ohio) is not leaving.

Boehner told his inner circle at dinner that there was no truth to the talk, and authorized his people to spread the word around town. A story appeared in Politico the next day, reaffirming Boehner’s stated commitment to stay past 2014.

“These inside-the-Beltway parlor games take place every two years. The speaker has made clear publicly he intends to remain in his position in the next Congress,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel told HuffPost.