Remember when Leon Panetta said we lost track of Syria chemical weapons?

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leon_panettaSeptember 2012 seems like so long ago doesn’t it? Only one year ago, then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he does not know if any potentially lethal chemicals have fallen into the hands of Syrian rebels or Iranian forces inside the country. Funny how this story which I find important is absent in all the discussion today about Syria and their chemical weapons.

“There has been intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place. Where exactly that’s taken place, we don’t know.” Panetta said, in a Pentagon press briefing.

Panetta said that the “main sites” in Syria storing chemical weapons with which the Pentagon is most concerned remain secured by the Syrian military. But there is “some intelligence” that “limited” movements of weapons from other sites have occurred, he said, “for the Syrians to better secure what they – the chemicals.”

Panetta’s statement follows reporting that Syrian rebels claim to have taken control of a military base that contains chemical weapons.

“But with regards to the movement of some of this and whether or not they’ve been able to locate some of it,” he said of U.S. intelligence, “we just don’t know.”