85 year old grandmother Yoko Cullen burned to death by 3 black thugs

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obama-in-hoodieAh yes, another story for the media to ignore. Three black thugs, including DaQuan Barnes stalked 85 year old grandmother Yoko Cullen outside a Collinsville bingo hall where one of them knew she played. The black thugs stopped Cullen as she tried to drive away. Demarcus Barnes and a friend LaTosha Cunningham stuffed her in the trunk of the car, drove it to East St. Louis, Illinois, and set the car on fire, burning Yoko Cullen to death. As usual, there is scant media coverage outside of the local area, no national coverage. Would they call Yoko Cullen a ‘white-Asian?’ Not only did these black thugs burn her alive, DaQuan Barnes says they also beat Yoko Cullen with a tire iron to force her to give up her PIN number for her ATM.

DaQuan Barnes will only receive 60 years in prison for his murder. Not life in prison, not the death penalty. Absolutely disgusting!

Oh and check out all the ‘news coverage’ this is getting: a grand total of four ‘News‘ article at the time of this posting on Google.

Et, tu Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Obama? Did the grandchildren of this woman get a phone call from the president? Of course not.