Nobody signs up for ObamaCARE in Louisiana or Texas

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doc-obama-this-is-gonna-hurtAll the BS we are being fed from Obama and his propaganda media is that the reason why the first day of ObamaCARE’s exchanges online was because so many people were signing up and it overwhelmed the system. The White House and the media propaganda arm bragged about getting 3 million or so hits in one day on their various ObamaCARE exchange sites. That’s of course less than 1% of the entire American population. This is about about an hours worth of hits for the Drudge Report. The White House refused to release the actual number of people who signed up (if they were able to) for ObamaCARE online. But in Louisiana and Texas not one person, not even one signed up for ObamaCARE on October 1st.

Funny too, you have a poor, yet very liberal area like New Orleans in Louisiana where you would expect tons of people to sign up for ObamaCARE. Nope. In Texas, you have far left areas like Austin and San Antonio, you’d think someone from there would sign up too right? Nope.