Democrats arrested, trash left on closed National Mall at amnesty protest

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Remember, Americans and tourists who want to visit sites such as the National Mall in DC are banned from the Obama regime and the Democrats because of their shut down. Yet the National Mall was mysteriously opened for amnesty protesters today, which featured Democrats such as Charlie Rangel, Luis Gutierrez, Keith Ellison, Joseph Crowley, Al Green, and John Lewis getting arrested. These Democrats should have been arrested for treason years ago (or in Rangel’s case, tax cheating.) These same Democrats who are shutting the National Mall to the general public, forcing the elderly out of their homes, threatening veterans with cops and police dogs has time to march with amnesty protesters in a closed site? Does anyone else see what a load of bullsh*t this is? Is that what these Democrat scum are paid for with my tax dollars? To march for illegal aliens? The amnesty protesters, like typical leftists left the National Mall full of trash, and had police cleaning up after them once the amnesty rally was done. The only ones missing from this rally where John McCain, Jeff Flake, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham.

Amnesty leave garbage on the National Mall during protest – Image Credit: Breitbart

So now cops are being paid to pick up the trash of illegal aliens. Way to go Democrats!