Salvador Cervantes – Ted Cruz heckler director Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

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ted_cruzSalvador Cervantes was one of a handful of leftist paid hecklers of Ted Cruz today. According to Weasel Zippers, Salvador Cervantes is the director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Salvador Cervantes goes by the handle @Salce on Twitter and doesn’t even have 50 followers at the time of this post. In case you missed it, Ted Cruz owned the Obama paid hecklers at the Values Voters Summit in DC today:

Ted Cruz destroys Obama paid amnesty hecklers at Values Voters Summit

I wonder how much Cervantes and the rest of the these illegal alien protesters got paid to heckle today? The last time leftist paid hecklers were exposed, they weren’t being paid very much.

Oh and these illegals also have a march planned in DC tomorrow called Immigrant Dignity and Respect. I bet you it gets more coverage than the truckers or the Million Veteran March on the Memorials set for Sunday.