250,000 in Colorado lose health plans because of ObamaCare – over 4 million total have lost coverage

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obama-face-obamacareNearly a quarter million people in Colorado, or about 250,000 have lost their health care coverage because of ObamaCARE. The total number of Americans who have lost their coverage so far because of ObamaCARE has now topped 4 million nationwide. Colorado, which has become a blue, leftist state voted for Obama in 2008, and 2012. Now they get what they voted for.

Almost 250,000 Colorado residents have or will have their health insurance plans cancelled under ObamaCare, the state’s Division of Insurance said Wednesday.

A spokesman for the agency said in a press release that the plans are being cancelled for numerous reasons, one being that some of the plans do not meet the new requirements for patient care under the Affordable Care Act.

The agency stated that so far under ObamaCare, 106,083 people in the individual market have lost their plans and 143,116 people in the small group market have lost theirs.

The agency said it is addressing the cancellations to quell consumer “alarm or confusion” over changes to their health insurance.

“Consumers who have questions about these letters or any questions about their health insurance policy should contact the Division,” Commissioner of Insurance Marguerite Salazar said in a statement. “While some plans are being cancelled, Coloradoans have many new options for 2014, due to the strength and competitiveness of our health insurance market.”