Cancer patient Bill Elliott loses health care coverage because of ObamaCARE

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drobamasteinAnother cancer victim, named Bill Elliot has lost his health care coverage because of ObamaCARE. Elliot, who actually voted for Obama because of ObamaCARE revealed his story on The Kelly File.

Cancer patient Bill Elliot loses health care coverage because of ObamaCARE

People who get snookered into voting for the Marxist thug Obama usually don’t get any sympathy from me. But Bill Eliott’s case is totally different. His situation is life or death, and I take no joy in seeing him suffer just because he voted wrong. Bill Elliott loved his health care plan that helped keep him alive, despite it not being good enough for Obama or the Democrats. Now, Elliott will see his monthly premium skyrocket to $1,500 per month premium. He will have a $13,500 deductible and the medical devices and pharmaceuticals wouldn’t be paid for under Obama’s ‘superior’ plan.

I hope you progressive liberal leftists are proud of yourself.

One of my Facebook ‘friends’ C Steven Tucker posted a possible solution for Mr. Elloitt.

To Bill Elliot, the gentleman on The Kelly File tonight who is losing his plan during cancer treatment. You can purchase a health insurance policy on a guaranteed issue basis (without regard to preexisting conditions) as of 1/1/14 from any carrier operating inside OR outside of the Obamacare “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace”.

I ran rates for you with Assurant Health – one of the carriers operating outside of the “Marketplace” based on your estimated age and your zip code. United HealthOne is another carrier operating outside of the “Marketplace”. Without a subsidy, the premium required will be roughly $500 a month for a $2,500 deductible plan.

If your total household MAGI is less than:
$46,960 for an individual
$62,040 for a couple
$78,120 for a family of three
$92,200 for a family of four
you will qualify for a subsidy to lower your premiums if you purchase health insurance inside the “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace” Please do NOT go without health insurance. Contact a broker in your state immediately. If you can’t find a knowledgeable broker, contact me directly