Gordon Jenkins mayor of Monticello New York goes off on racist rant after DWI arrest

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Gordon Jenkins is the Democrat mayor of Monticello New York. He’s also another black racist who went off on a racist rant after being arrested for DWI. Gordon Jekins talked about f*cking crackers, honkies and pecker-woods. Looks to me that some blacks such as Jenkins have decided that they have black privledge. Does this sound racist? Too bad. Since all white crackers, honkies, and peckerwoods are accused of ‘white privilege’ on a daily basis, I’m going to call Gordon Jenkins out on ‘black privilege.’ I bet you don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot huh? Gordon Jenkins the Democrat (which isn’t being mentioned by the corrupt media) is also a part of Micheal Bloomberg’s ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns‘ group.

I wonder what Mayor Jenkins has to say about the black on white ‘knockout game.’ Judging by this video, it seems like he’s a big fan.
Imagine for just a split second if some fat, pasty white male was arrested for DWI like Jenkins. Then went on a racist rant against black people. Think it would be big news? Of course!

So what about Monticello New York itself? it’s a real shithole, typical of New York. Basically all types of crime, including violent crime well exceeds the U.S. average in Monticello. In fact, violent crime is more than double the national average in Monticello. Looks like Gordon Jenkins is really doing a great job as mayor huh?