A&E warned Phil Robertson about speaking out ‘too much’

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phil_robertsonReally? This is the excuse the corrupt left like the L.A. Times and A&E is going to use to justify their firing of Phil Robertson> A&E supposedly warned Robertson about ‘speaking out too much?’ Come on! Unless there is a specific definition as to what constitutes ‘speaking out too much’ like ‘not being allowed to state you religious believes’ then this excuse is as big of a failure as A&E public image since the Phil Robertson firing.

L.A. Times:

Anyone looking at the “Duck Dynasty” uproar may wonder why A&E didn’t warn Phil Robertson about the dangers of talking too much to reporters.

But it now looks like they did.

Robertson, the long-bearded patriarch of the clan of Louisiana duck-call merchants, is on “hiatus” from filming episodes of the No. 1-rated cable reality show after giving a GQ magazine interview where he made anti-gay remarks and questioned the need for the civil-rights movement. GLAAD and the NAACP, among others, condemned the comments. But thousands of fans – and even Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal – have rushed to his defense, touching off the latest skirmish in the national culture war. Late Thursday, the family said it might not want to continue the show without Phil.

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