Phil Roberston and family believe A&E hung him out to dry over his Christian beliefs

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phil_robertsonAccording to a UK Daily Mail source, Phil Robertson and his family believe that A&E basically ‘hung him out to dry’ over his Christian beliefs. They believe “allegedly” that A&E is manipulating the situation to bring them “back into line” after leftist executives at A&E grew tired of the Robertson family pushing their Christian beliefs. As usual, it’s the foreign media revealing the true intents of the leftist America media complex. No American media would dare touch this story about A&E executives ‘allegedly’ trying to bring the Robertson family back in line over their religious beliefs. Regardless if you agree or not with Phil Robertson and his family’s religious beliefs, they still don’t deserve to be punished for citing them.

They also think the network could have done something to stop the controversial GQ article being made public, because an A&E representative was present during the interview with patriarch, Roberston, 67

A source close to the family, who asked not to be named, told MailOnline: ‘You have to ask yourself, why this interview happened and why it ever became public. Someone from A&E was there and was aware of the kind of answers Phil was giving.
‘But despite that, they didn’t ever try to stop it or control it. Instead, they let it hit the headlines and then released a statement condemning it.
‘It is our belief that they knew what was going to happen and then used the situation to exercise control over Phil.
‘It is our understanding that when the TV executives came up with the concept for the show they wanted it to be a case of people laughing at a bunch of backward rednecks.
‘But when it didn’t turn out like that and people actually started identifying with the way the family behaved and were laughing with them, not at them, they became uncomfortable. It did not sit will with the New York TV types