A&E to resume filming Duck Dynasty WITH Phil Robertson

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phil_robertsonA&E will resume filming of Duck Dynasty after the New Year starts and it will INCLUDE Phil Robertson. Looks like the gaystapo and leftist smear merchants have failed again. Also, the grassroots support of Robertson for simply stating his religious beliefs and backlash against A&E finally hit them in the pocket book. The flood of rubber docks to A&E quarters probably changed some minds:

Yid with Lid:

Employees of the A&E network must be beginning to believe this entire controversy is all ducked up. Duck Dynasty fans are mailing A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc thousands of yellow rubber ducks in protest of Phil Robertson’s suspension by the network.

This protest effort is being led by an organization called Faith 2 Action and called “Mail The Duck.”

The first cardboard box jammed with 1,500 ducks will be sent to the channel’s CEO Nancy Dubuc by Saturday, according to Janet Porter, the founder of Faith2Action.

This is what grass roots looks like. Suck it libs and the gaystapo. I guess Jesse Jackson wouldn’t get that meeting with A&E. Too bad. Go find Tamara Holder.