Lazy Obama golfs for six hours with Bobby Titcomb

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obama-dick-in-mouthSeems Obama just can’t get away from his prostitute loving buddy Bobby Titcomb. The two were paired yet again for yet another round of golf. This round took six full hours. Obama must be quite the family man wasting nine hours with his prostitute loving pal, rather than his wife and kids.

Playing with Obama today are Hawaii friends Mike Ramos and Bobby Titcomb, White House aide and golfing buddy Marvin Nicholson, Chicago pal Eric Whitaker, and White House culinary guru and Obama friend Sam Kass.

For those keeping count, like me, it’s Obamas fourth round in Hawaii, his 44th of the year, and the 155th of his presidency.

UPDATE: Golf ended after six hours of play.

The only good thing about having Obama on the golf course is thah the only damage he can do is divots to the grass, instead of the country.