Meet the Republicans who voted most with Obama in 2013

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lindsey-grahamlSo which so called Republicans voted most for the Obama/Democrat agenda in 2013? The top of the list is of course Susan Collins, a liberal progressive Republican from Maine. You aren’t going to get anyone more conservative in Maine to win a Senate seat, so it’s no surprise. But then you have Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, voting 72% with Obama and the Democrats in 2013. Alaska is hardly a liberal state, and this is unacceptable. Then you have the two Arizona assclowns McCain and Flake. Again, why in a conservative state like Arizona are the two Republican Senators voting for progressive liberal polices?

The other names on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise either. Big government progressive RINOs always stick with their own. The only one on this list that’s up for re-election this year is Lindsey Graham. You know what to do South Carolina!