Michelle Obama and the kids off for another lavish vacation to China

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mich2-3Michelle Obama, the kids, Mama Robinson, and various staff and friends are off for a lavish, tax payer funded vacation to China starting on March 19th. Michelle Obama is keeping up her monthly vacations, vacationing in Hawaii in January, skiing in Colorado in February and now China in March. This trip to China for Mooch and friends will cost taxpayers around the same amount of money as her Spain trip costed in 2010, at least half a million tax payer dollars (just for security.) Good thing Michelle Obama and her buds are getting out of this ‘downright, mean country.’

The first lady, her mother, her two kids, plus numerous White House aides and security personnel are going to tour China this month, but White House officials are refusing to say how much the taxpayers will pay for the trip.

However, they did say it would be a thrill for everyone on the trip, including for Michelle Obama’s top aide, Tina Tchen.

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The first lady and the family will travel to China from March 19 to March 26. She will visit the capital Beijing and two northwest cities, Xi’an and Chengdu.

She’ll be accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Marian Robinson, and daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama.

The first lady has taken her mother on several previous trips, including to Spain.

The 2010 trip to Spain cost taxpayers at least $487,000. A 2011 trip to southern Africa cost at least $424,142. The cost estimates were uncovered by Judicial Watch, a D.C.-based watchdog group.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/17/michelle-obama-and-family-take-another-taxpayer-funded-trip/#ixzz2wHY3Dbrp