Check out the 2014 ‘dead’ tea party wins so far

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All i’ve heard this election cycle from the media and the Karl Rove establishment Republicans is how the tea party is dead and not coming back. There just isn’t the same enthusiam as there was in 2010 or something. Well after Dave Brat crushed establishment RINO hack Eric Cantor last night, lets take a look at other ‘dead’ tea party wins so far this spring. Keep in mind, that only about half of the primary season is done so far.

Check out the 2014 'dead' tea party wins so far
Check out the 2014 ‘dead’ tea party wins so far

In Nebraska – Tea party favorite Ben Sasse cruises to an easy win in the GOP primary, crushing ‘moderate, Karl Rove backed Sid Dinsdale by 27 percentage points.
In Texas – Tea Party challenger Dan Patrick, slaughters Lt. Gov. Dewhurst. David Dewhurst is a prototypical Karl Rove style Republican.
In Mississippi – Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel ends up with more votes than dinosaur Thad Cochran who has been in the Senate since Richard Nixon was president. A run-off is scheduled for June 24th, and most people expect McDaniel to beat the washed up RINO Cochran.

So the next time some hack (Democrat or Republican) try to claim the tea party is dead, you can remind them just how ‘dead’ it really is. Yea, it sucks that Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell won their primaries, but in Graham’s case, he had SIX challengers who split the vote. If Lindsey Graham’s challengers could come together and back one candidate, Miss Lindsey would likely be forced into a runoff and lose too. In McConnell’s case, Matt Bevin just couldn’t get his shit together.