Note to the left and media: ISIS and Hamas are terrorists, not militants

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The media and the left likes to call ISIS and Hamas ‘rebels’ or militants. The fact of the matter is, they are terrorists. No amount of PC crap can change that. Have you seen any reports from the media calling ISIS or Hamas terrorists? Nope, because they are always referred to as militant or sometimes rebels, and it’s disgusting. Let’s take a look at just a few examples of the corrupt American media calling these thugs ‘militants’ and rebels instead of terrorists (from Newsbusters):

Note to the left and media: ISIS and Hamas are terrorists, not militants
Note to the left and media: ISIS and Hamas are terrorists, not militants


JIM MIKLASZEWSKI: …In his nationwide address Thursday night, President Obama said the airstrikes are necessary to protect American lives at the U.S. consulate in Erbil.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I’ve directed our military to take targeted strikes against ISIL terrorist convoys should they move toward the city.

MIKLASZEWSKI: The airstrikes are also aimed at supporting Kurdish Peshmerga fighters – U.S. allies overrun by ISIS rebels this week. President Obama cautioned, however, any U.S. airstrikes would be limited. Critics accuse the President of playing domestic politics, and that limited airstrikes will do little to stop the relentless advance of ISIS rebels.

Even Obama called ISIL terrorists in this clip, yet NBC refuses to do the same and calls them ‘rebels.’


MARTHA RADDATZ: Good evening, David. The U.S. military now has a green light to launch airstrikes as needed in Iraq – today, pounding multiple targets, trying to stop the militants from advancing and from threatening American lives and the lives of thousands of Iraqi families trapped on that mountain.

The first strike…two heavily-armed F-18 fighter jets launching from the carrier U.S.S. Bush in the Persian Gulf – roaring high above northern Iraq, where ISIS militants were at work shelling forces trying to defend the critical city of Erbil….Then, four hours later…an armed drone launching a Hellfire missile at a mortar position. When militant fighters returned to the site, the drone struck again. 6:20 P.M., four more F-18s, targeting a seven-vehicle militant convoy – the Pentagon says a total of eight bombs dropped – neutralizing the convoy and a mortar launcher….

Meanwhile, that other mission: to save lives on that mile-high mountain. At the top: tens of thousands of members of a religious minority – trapped for days by the ISIS militants, threatening them with death.


HOLLY WILLIAMS (voice-over): ISIS is on Erbil’s doorstep, as the militants extend the boundaries of what they call their own Islamic state. Erbil is a Kurdish stronghold, and Kurdish soldiers are the only ones still fighting ISIS on the ground in northern Iraq, after the Iraqi army ran away two months ago. But ISIS launched a new offensive this week, sending tens of thousands of people fleeing for their lives, many of them religious minorities – include Yazidis and Christians.

Yesterday, Kurdish fighters helped some Yazidi families escape the barren mountaintop where they’ve taken refuge from ISIS. Many say they were given a stark choice by the militants: convert to their strict version of Sunni Islam, leave their homes, or face death….

SCOTT PELLEY (live): Holly’s joining us now. Holly, what’s it like in Erbil tonight? Is there panic?

WILLIAMS: Well, Scott, people here tell us that two days ago, there was panic, in the sense that Erbil might soon fall to ISIS. Some people even fled the city. But now, people here seem to be more relaxed – and even hopeful – because they think that the U.S. airstrikes will give the Kurdish fighters the time and space they need to regroup, and then, push the militants back.

Please, just stop already! Militants don’t behead people for being Christian, terrorists do!

The problem here is that the media is every bit the terrorist sympathizer as Obama. That’s just what the American progressive liberal Democrats have become. It’s been that way ever since 9/11.
Calling these scumbag terrorists ‘militants’ is an insult to actual militants. They are terrorist, no ifs, ands or buts about it.