Cops in Ottawa Kansas kill, shoot unarmed white teen 16 times, no riots

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Joseph Jennings was an 18 year old man who was battling depression, seizures and anxiety. Cops gunned him down over the past weekend, pumping at least 16 shots into himSo where are all the anti-police riots? Where are all the anti-police violence blacks protesting in favor of Joseph Jennings? He was unarmed, just like Saint Michael Brown. He didn’t rush any cops like ‘gentle giant’ Michael Brown, yet was shot at least 16 times, nearly 3 times as many as Brown was shot.

Cops in Ottawa Kansas kill, shoot white teen 16 times, no riots
Cops in Ottawa Kansas kill, shoot white teen 16 times, no riots

Yet there were no riots, no looting, no burning down of businesses in Kansas, and no mass media on the scene in Ottawa Kansas. Yet again, the black race hustlers and liberal media proven they are hypocrites. If Michael Brown was such a gentle giant, and was gunned down for no reason, what about Joseph Jennings? He didn’t strong-arm rob any liquor store, and had severe depression. Where are all the protests to stop ‘police violence’ for Jennings? Because they once again reveal themselves to be nothing more than hypocrites.

You can bet that there will be no media coverage of Jennings funeral, and there will be no White House officials sent to mourn his death.

Deputies with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the call.

When officers arrived, they made contact with the person, later identified as Joseph Jennings, in the parking lot.

During the encounter, officers with the Ottawa Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office were involved in a shooting.

Jennings was treated at the scene for gunshot wounds and transported to an Ottawa hospital where he later died.

“Why did it take them shooting him 16 times at least for them to bring him down and go and take care of what they needed to take care of?” Jennings’ aunt, Brandy Smith said.

Ottawa Police Chief Dennis Butler said officers did what they were trained to do.

“They reacted based upon the training that they’ve been given from the academy,” Butler said. “We were thankful that no officer was injured from protecting themselves from risk of great bodily harm.”