Starbucks ends stupid #RaceTogether campaign

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Starbucks has ended their stupid #RaceTogether campaign after less than a week. Considering the majority of Starbucks’ customer are lily white college kids, the whole Race Together thing was idiotic from the onset. I guess Starbucks figured these college kids had enough white guilt where they could be shamed by baristas into paying reparations for it. So much for that idea. When you consider that the leadership of Starbucks is as white as MSNBC’s nightly lineup, this idea was not only stupid, it was hypocritical. The ending of the Race Together campaign also comes just a day after CNN Communist Van Jones defended it.

Starbucks ends stupid #RaceTogether campaign
Starbucks ends stupid #RaceTogether campaign

CEO Howard Schultz didn’t answer the ending of Race Together to the public, like he announced the stupid charade on CNBC. Instead, the cowardly liberal race hustler set a ‘company memo’ announcing the end of Race Together.

The company announced in a memo that it would stop directing its employees to write the words “Race Together” on coffee cups just shy of its intended one-week push. While Starbucks’ chairman and CEO Howard Schultz said the campaign would go on without the cup messages, he acknowledged that the social media ridicule that they sparked.

“While there has been criticism of the initiative—and I know this hasn’t been easy for any of you—let me assure you that we didn’t expect universal praise,” Schultz wrote in the memo.

The effort was intended to inspire a national conversation about race. In a news release announcing the initiative, the company described the rationale behind the campaign:

CEO Howard Schultz knows nothing and sees nothing.