Hillary Clinton congratulating people on left wing violence VIDEO

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Hillary Clinton slipped up in her softball interview with Jake Tapper, admitting that she just was congratulating people on left wing mob violence in San Jose. This means Hillary Clinton congratulated those waving Mexican flags tossing eggs at women, bloodying a gay Hispanic man and burning the American flag. Below is the video that doesn’t seem to be getting any coverage by the pro-Hillary press. You can of course guess why.

Hillary Clinton congratulating people on left wing violence VIDEO

“I condemn all violence in our political arena. I condemned it when Donald Trump was inciting it and congratulating people who were engaging in it,”

Imagine for just one second if a Trump supporter did the exact same things leftists did to Trump supporters in San Jose. What if Trump supporters tossed eggs at so called feminists? What is Trump supporters blooded a gay Hispanic man? What if Trump supporters burned American flags. You, you already know answer to this don’t you? I’m so fucking sick and tired of the double standard and what progressives always get away with. Add on top of that the Hillary Clinton supporting Mayor of San Jose ordering police to stand down during the progressive mob attacks, and yet that’s not mentioned by the media either.

And they wonder why people don’t trust the press and why Trump is so successful when he attacks them verbally.