Wikileaks press conference – media ignores

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This is going to be the week of press conferences. Trump will have his on Wednesday, and the Obama fawning farewell will be in Chicago tomorrow. Today though, uncovered by the corrupt media, Wikileaks held their own press conference to fire back at the corrupt Democrat media complex trying to keep the Russia hacking card going.

Wikileaks press conference – media ignores
Wikileaks press conference - media ignores

Media published “false information,” claiming Russia hacked the US election process, Assange said. However, voting machines are “insecure.”

He also said that a young Russian female programmer sanctioned by Obama over allegedly being involved in hacking the US election, is not even mentioned in the US intelligence report, which causes doubts on its credibility. He also added that she doesn’t seem to be a person who would do that. The report states that it does not know when the DNC was hacked, Assange noted. He said that even if some Russian hackers attacked the DNC servers among hackers from other countries, they could not be run by the Russian government. By March 2016, nobody viewed US President-Elect Donald Trump as a potential winner of the election, including Wikileaks, Assange said.