MMA hits back at washed up Meryl Streep

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Washed up hack actress Meryl Streep earned fawning praise from the corrupt leftist media hacks and other Hollywood losers when she bashed Donald Trump during the Golden Globe awards. Streep didn’t just bash Donald Trump. She also bashed the MMA, and now the MMA is hitting back at the washed up hack.
Meryl Streep’s pedantic jab at football and MMA fans during her now infamous Golden Globes anti-Trump tirade on Sunday did not only confirm her status as a member of the out-of-touch Hollywood elite, but also annoyed a few people along the way. And now they’re hitting back.

MMA hits back at washed up Meryl Streep
MMA hits back at washed up Meryl Streep

Streep, who received the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe for lifetime achievement, used her acceptance speech to take a swipe at Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric, claiming that high culture was under threat:

“Hollywood is crawling with foreigners and if you kick them all out all you have to watch is football and Mixed Martial Arts,” she opined.

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“And those,” she continued, “are not arts.”

Her words not only seemed to imply that MMA and football were lowbrow forms of entertainment for paupers, but that these sports were also less inclusive of foreigners than the Seventh Art.

Aggrieved, several fighters and mixed martial arts supporters took to Twitter to voice their opinions on Streep’s comments. Many pointed to the double standard in her speech, which called on Americans to rise above hatred and intolerance yet casually dissed an entire class of sports and their fans.