AP removes Fresno killer’s Allahu Ackbar and Islam reference

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Kori Muhammad, the Muslim terrorist who killed three in Fresno earlier today targeted white, non-Muslim people for his attacks. His social media was full of hatred of white people, Trump and non-Muslims. But that doesn’t matter to the media like the Associated Press. This is what they tweeted out after news broke about Muhammad’s killing spree:

AP removes Fresno killer’s Allahu Ackbar and Islam reference
AP removes Fresno killer's Allahu Ackbar and Islam reference

Notice, there is NO reference of Islamic terrorist, and re-wording Allahu Ackbar to “God is great” to make the killer sound less Islamic. Kind of funny how that works out for the media isn’t it?

The reason why the media always tries to defend the Islamic terrorist like Kori Muhammed is because the left, like all of those at the AP are a lot like Islamic terrorists. They will attack you if you believe something different than they do. They will smear you, harass you, burn down buildings, loot and set fires. Left wing extremists may not kill you like this terrorist did, but they will do whatever they can to harm you.