Darren Osborne is a terrorist, you can’t whitewash it

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So Darren Osborne is the terrorist who rammed into a bunch of Muslims at a mosque in Finsbury Park, UK last night. No matter how politically correct the liberals and media want to be, this a terrorist, just like all the previous Islamic terrorist attacks in the UK before last night.

Darren Osborne is a terrorist, you can’t whitewash it
Darren Osborne is a terrorist, you can't whitewash it

As the Muslim London Mayor said after the previous terrorist attack by Muslims on the London Bridge, Sadiq Khan’s own words “terrorism is just part & parcel of living in a big city.” Same applies here. It works both ways. Darren Osborne may have had enough of the Muslims attacking his country and people for no reason, but acting like a terrorist only enforces Islamic terrorist’s ideology. You think ISIS or Al Qaeda are sad that a white boy killed Muslims? Hell no!

It’s the same thing in this country. The media refused to call bowl cut white boy Dylann Roof who shot up a black church in South Carolina years ago. That was terrorism as far as I’m concerned, yet you never once heard the word terrorism to describe the murder. Why? Terrorism isn’t mutually exclusive to Muslims. There are plenty of left wing terrorists all over the world. The piece of shit liberal white trash who shot Steve Scalise and others last week was as much of a terrorist as a “van driver” plowing into a crowd.

I don’t do PC speak. If it walks like a terrorists, smells like a terrorists and shits like a terrorist, then it’s a terrorist. Regardless of color or religion.