Antifa threatens desecration at Gettysburg for July 4th

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Just like ISIS, left wing terrorists, known by some as the Antifa are threatening to destroy Gettysburg and other historical sites on the 4th of July. Antifa leftists and ISIS terrorists are so similar these days, it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. Though ISIS doesn’t really have Pajama Boy like the Antifa left does.

Antifa threatens desecration at Gettysburg for July 4th
Antifa threatens desecration at Gettysburg for July 4th

Both are radical and absolutist. Both adhere to an ‘our way or the highway’ mentality. Further, both have embraced violence to achieve their objectives.
In recent weeks, Antifa showed its willingness to kill to achieve its objectives. Just as Al Qaeda/ISIS continually destroys irreplaceable art and sites of

cultural, historic, and religious significance; America’s domestic hate groups have matched radical Islam ante.
In a sacrilege of American legacy, the Antifa has been on their own jihad for the last several months as they target memorials, tombs, and statues from America’s past. Their current objective is to desecrate the memorials to the Confederacy during the Civil War era.

In cities and towns across the Southeastern ‘red-states’ of the Bible-belt: St. Louis, Orlando, New Orleans, Columbus GA, Memphis TN, Charlottesville VA, the former Confederate capitol Richmond, and as far west as Arizona; centuries old monuments of the Civil War are falling.
Antifa leftists accomplish what Islamic jihadists accomplish across the Middle East.
ISIS is erasing 7,000 years of history across the Levant. Like ISIS, The Antifa is threatening to commit acts of vandalism, desecration, and destruction to the statues, monuments, and gravesites at the Gettysburg Battlefield and Cemetery. The terror group openly admits the side of memorials and/or graves is dedicated to, Union-North or the Confederate-South, will not matter.