Threats against Republicans spike

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The violent left wing extremists are really mad, and they continue to threaten Republican lawmakers. So much so in fact, that with half the year gone, there are already more reports of threats by left wing extremists against Republican then there were for all of 2016. The left gets more violent as the propaganda media eggs them on.

Threats against Republicans spike
Threats against Republicans spike

The U.S. Capitol Police has investigated close to 1,000 threats directed at lawmakers in the first half of this year, a top House official said in a letter made public Friday.

Paul Irving, the House sergeant at arms, stated that the Capitol Police looked into about 950 threatening messages aimed at members of the House “because of their profile as elected representatives or members of Congress.”

That’s already more than the approximately 902 threatening messages investigated by the Capitol Police in all of 2016.

The increased number “constitutes the new daily threat environment faced by Member[s] of Congress,” Irving wrote in a letter dated June 21 to Federal Election Commission Chairman Steven Walther.
Irving provided the statistics as part of a request that the FEC issue guidance that would allow lawmakers to use campaign funds to pay for security systems in their homes.

  • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

    Pass a law, if we don’t already one, making this a Class 1 felony. They are threatening our government.

    Same as ISIS.