ABC-WSJ ‘bad’ Trump poll has +12 Democrat oversample

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The media is giddy. An ABC-Wall Street Journal poll came out showing Trump with the “lowest” approval rating after six months in office. Only Trump, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton have been under 50% approval after six months. Only problem is, this poll is skewed, just like the election polls, with a +12 Democrat over-sample. That’s where you get your “lower” approval numbers. Hillary Clinton beat Trump by over 4 million votes in California. You take away that state and Trump won the popular vote. Let’s assume an electorate of D+1, not D+!2 in 2016, and the numbers in this poll are way difference. But credibility doesn’t matter to ABC or the Wall Street Journal.

NBC-WSJ ‘bad’ Trump poll has +12 Democrat oversample
NBC-WSJ 'bad' Trump poll has +12 Democrat oversample

Now today a WaPo/ABC poll comes out slamming the President.

A cursory review of this poll shows that it is of course totally slanted.

The percentage of voters polled included 35% Democrat, 35% Independent and another 7% that are neither Democrat or Independent. Only 23% of the poll participants identified themselves as Republican.

The poll included less than 25% Republicans. What a crock.

If the poll is corrected by 8-12 points to show actual Republican support in the country Trump would be at 50% approval or higher.

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When we looked at the polls being spread by the MSM on October 18th shortly before the 2016 election we stated they were biased. We also stated: Let’s face it NOBODY likes Hillary and NOBODY trusts Hillary.

  • Geoff snyder

    I hope the idiot progressives keep believing these polls

  • ScienceABC123

    It’s hard to do an accurate poll , when you have a political narrative to support.