Hey look! It’s Jim Acosta whining again!

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If your name is Jim Acosta and you work for fake news CNN, you are the laughingstock of America. Of course, that doesn’t deter Acosta from embarrassing himself and his network even more on a nearly daily basis. Acosta is whining yet again, claiming that calling the truth on the fake news media like CNN and Acosta is “bad for democracy” or something. What did Acosta do, steal the Washington Post’s “democracy dies in darkness” schtick? Leftist hack reporters like Acosta can’t even come up with original ideas anymore.

Hey look! It’s Jim Acosta whining again!
Hey look! It's Jim Acosta whining again!

Hey Jimbo. Would you rather we call you and your network the Nothing Burger Network? NBN instead of CNN? Maybe if you and other like minded hacks covered the actual news and not obsessed over Russia, Russia, Russia, you’d get some respect. As of now, no one respects you. Not even your target audience of pissed off Hillary Clinton voters and people at airports.

  • William Ireland

    Umm, Jim, the United States is NOT a democracy. It’s a Republic. Do you, as a holier than thou journalist, who supposedly has some smarts (I have yet to see evidence of that!), understand the difference?

  • Some Rabbit

    Leftists only respect democracy when the election goes their way, otherwise, democracy be damned.